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Schools to Scale 2020 Summit  (Register at: www.australia2020.gov.au)

by Jason Koutsoukis,  February 24, 2008
summit/2008/02/23/1203467459959.html> (snipped)

Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard has invited all schools to
participate in the proposed 2020 summit involving 1000 of Australia's best
and brightest minds in April.

In a bid to tap into the minds of Australia's best and brightest students,
Ms Gillard said she wanted all primary and secondary schools to host their
own ideas summits.

She said the schools summits would offer a unique opportunity for students
throughout the country to make sure their views are heard on the 10 key
themes of Australia 2020.

"Today's school students are the adults of 2020, and it's vital that we
harness their energy, ideas and vision in any discussion about this
nation's future," Ms Gillard said.

"They will be the parents, the business owners, the farmers, the educators
and the leaders of 2020, and it's crucial that we hear their views about
the kind of Australia they want to live in."

She said the schools summits would be an excellent opportunity for young
people from Bundaberg to Karratha, from Gove to Launceston, to say what 
they thought about the big issues facing the country.

"The ideas, issues and questions raised through the schools summit will be
taken forward to the youth summit announced last week, and from there to
Australia 2020," Ms Gillard said.

>From Monday, schools will be invited to register at
<http://www.australia2020.gov.au> to host a schools summit.

Each school will be able to hold their summit at a convenient time over a
three-week period beginning March 17, with every school being encouraged
to participate.

Feedback from the schools summits will be collected and consolidated by
the Federal Government, and will provide material for discussion at the
youth summit, to be held on April 12 and 13.

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