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Perhaps I should clarify further.

The interactive part does work well in general, ie with other software 
such as web browsers, power point word etc etc. It is just the teamboard 
software and drivers that is a hassle, and it has real potential for work 
with kids. Also, the fact that the action bar doesn't work is a pain.


PS The teachers still love the board, though.

On 25/04/2008, at 11:07 AM, Rod Hysted wrote:

Dear all,

We have just purchases a number of Teamboards. When investigating we were 
assured that they were compatible with Mac computers.

Unfortunately we are finding that the drivers ad the main Draw software 
have a decidedly beta feel and a very buggy. The Draw software is very 
frustrating as it hangs when just drawing, using menus, saving, quitting 
etc. When calibrating, it worked sometimes, and other times nothing 
happened. After reinstalling a couple of times this improved but the Draw 
software continued to cause hassles. We also cannot get the Action Bar to 
work at all.

To my even greater frustration, no hassles on the Windows machines!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas?


PS Sorry for cross postings

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Stephen Loosley
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