[Offtopic] Facebook and staff productivity

Maggie Iaquinto IAQUIM at bialik.vic.edu.au
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Thank you very much, Geoff.

In one way it is annoying that tech staff make judgments on teaching
staff productivity. The counter argument is that everything tech staff
do on our network will have a technological, economic and/or social
implication. In this case, it is mostly a social implication. 

In the end, we should all be able to choose how we use our 'free' time.
As Ros succintly put it -- should be ban newspapers, sudoku, visiting
domaindotcomdotau or doing email activities?

I'll have a read shortly. 




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Hi Maggie

Unfortunately, the article I was thinking of was related to email,
rather than FaceBook.

The link to the email article:  "Email is ruining my life" is:


There is also a link to a VIDEO AND AUDIO NEWS item : How to stop
e-mails taking over your day 

However, a search on Google of:    Facebook "Staff Productivity"    does
produce some interesting items.

Is Facebook good for the workplace?   at URL:
produces some interesting comments from Australian businesses.  Well
worth a look.

Facebook time-wasters could cost $5 billion a year:

Employers disagree over Facebook use and misuse:

Staff productivity in the Facebook era 

An interesting discussion forum is at 

Hope this helps

Geoff Moss
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