[Offtopic] Facebook and staff productivity

Geoff Moss geoffmoss37 at optusnet.com.au
Mon Apr 7 13:28:54 EST 2008

Maggie, I recall there was an article (Age Technology ??) on this about a month ago.

There has been some discussion where some firms allow it for a specific time (say, lunch time or for 1 hour) and they had noticed little reduction in productivity.  Some other firms have banned it altogether while other had not made any policy changes.

I'll look see tomorrow for some files I may have saved (I hope) that may be able to help.


Geoff Moss

> Maggie Iaquinto <IAQUIM at bialik.vic.edu.au> wrote:
> I am looking for research on staff productivity and the use of Facebook
> at work. Has anyone seen any dox for or against the use of Facebook at
> work? - specifically with the topic of reduced or enhanced staff
> productivity?
> Thanks
> Maggie

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