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From:   Tom Worthington <Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au>
Date:   Thu, 03 Apr 2008 07:50:40 +1100 
Subject: Will the future of innovation be built on Open Foundations? 

I am co-chairing one of the Local 2020 Summits, being held in Canberra
today, on Open Source and Open Access. The program is at 

Presentations and discussion at 
<http://tomw.net.au/moodle/course/view.php?id=9>. Podcasts and Vodcasts 
will be provided later.


Senator Kate Lundy

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Wednesday 2 April 2008

***EMBARGO until 6am Thursday 3 April 2008***

Will the future of innovation be built on Open Foundations?

ACT Senator Kate Lundy and Tom Worthington, 
Adjunct Senior Lecturer at The Australian 
National University are co-chairing a Local 
Summit in Canberra today that will explore the 
opportunities presented by open technology and digital knowledge.

"Having a Local Summit on the Foundations of Open 
Technology and Digital Knowledge will shine a 
spotlight on the important public policy ideas 
that are built on the principles of open 
standards and genuine collaboration from a 
community, education, business, innovation and 
government perspective" Senator Lundy said.

Speakers include ANU Acting Vice-Chancellor of 
the ANU Professor Lawrence Cram, delivering the 
keynote address, Pia Waugh, President of Software 
Freedom International and will showcase some of 
the latest innovations using open technology.

“Open access is best known in the software 
development field with Open Source, where 
technology is developed publicly and openly and 
exposed for comment and contribution throughout 
development. The same techniques can be applied 
to the distribution of information for research 
and education, such as open access publishing 
with the creative commons." Mr. Worthington said.

Mr. Worthington will give the first public 
demonstration of a new open access research 
publishing system being developed by ANU in 
Canberra for worldwide use and show a disaster 
management system developed for the Boxing Day 
Tsunami, which has been ungraded with Australian 
technical assistance for use by developing nations.

Pia Waugh, a long term advocate for technology 
openness sees the event as a very important 
milestone for Australian government policy. "A 
baseline of openness provides many opportunities 
for socio-economic and business development, 
sustainable technology/information, international 
collaboration and global competitiveness. 
Openness underpins our very ability to maintain 
equal access to opportunities and to each other 
in a world that is increasingly dependent on 
technology for everything from work and socialising to voting."

The 'Foundations of Open' technology and digital 
knowledge Local 2020 Summit will explore, discuss 
and develop specific policy initiatives borne out 
of open access for information, technology, 
education and governance for the benefit of our society and economy.

Ideas from "Foundations of Open" will be collated 
and conveyed to the National 2020 Summit". 
Presentations from the Local Summit will be 
available online via Tom Wothington's Web site 
http://tomw.net.au/moodle and Kate Lundy's web site 

Members of the public can participate in the 
Summit virtually by registering on the website to 
participate in online discussions and ideas 
development. The Summit will also be podcast online.

For more information or details about location if 
you wish to attend contact Rachel Allen:          6230 0411 or 0418 488

Foundations of Open: Technology and Digital Knowledge Local 2020 Summit

Thursday 3rd April 

College of Engineering and Computer Science
The Australian National University

9.00am Welcome and Introductions
9.15am Outline and Objectives: Co-Chairs Senator 
Kate Lundy and Tom Worthington FACS HLM, Adjunct 
Senior Lecturer, ANU and Director of Professional 
Development, The Australian Computer Society.

9.30am Launch and Keynote: Professor Lawrence 
Cram ANU Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice 
President BSc (Hons), BE (Hons), PhD Sydney

9.45am Jeff Waugh “Foundations of Open” The 
Foundations of Open is a model for understanding 
the different aspects of openness in a digital 
age including standards, knowledge, governance, source code and the

10.30am  Darrell Burkey ANU “CASE” – a case study 
in community. Computing Assistance Support and 
Education (CASE) inc. is a non-profit 
organisation that was formed to assist Australian 
community organisations in making better use of information technology.

11.15am Ken Taylor CSIRO “VotaPedia” 
demonstration. VotApedia is an audience response 
system developed by CSIRO that doesn't require 
issuing clickers or need specialist infrastructure.

11.30am Coffee break
11.45am Pia Waugh “Open Source as a public 
resource”. Specific ways we can better explore 
Open Source opportunities and innovations for 
business, government, broader social benefit and the Australian economy.

12.30pm Lunch hosted by ANU
1.00pm Demonstrations and networking time. Presentation by Andrew
Tom Worthington will demonstrate carbon neutral 
and open source hardware, software and open 
access educational systems developed and used in 
Canberra, including a carbon neutral, energy 
efficient desktop computer, an open source 
software laptop and  open hardware hand held 
computer as well as the first public 
demonstration of a new  global open access 
research e-publishing system being developed in Canberra.

1.30pm Jessica Coates QUT “Creative Commons”. 
Access to knowledge is often difficult through 
the use of ambiguous or non-existent licensing. 
Creative Commons is a mechanism for opening up knowledge for public

2.15pm Alan Smart ASIBA “Spatial potential” 
Geospatial information needs to be open so that 
Australian businesses can add value, innovate and 
commercialise in order to be globally competitive.

3pm  Coffee break
3.15 Tony Hill ISOC AU  “IPV6Now” IPv6 is a more 
powerful Internet protocol that can deliver a 
vastly increased scale Internet, with automatic 
security and autoconfiguration potentially 
producing substantial benefits for businesses, 
particularly in international e-commerce.

4pm Ann Steward AGIMO “Open Source in Government” 
A summary of the use of, attitudes towards and 
emerging trends of, Open Source in Australian Government.

4.30pm Concluding remarks; Senator Kate Lundy
Supporters: Australian National University, TomW Communications Pty Ltd

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Cheers Tom ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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