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This looks like a fun project to run with as an extension activity for any
students over the span of term 3 by a QLD friend from QUT. Margaret has
asked us to consider joining in and mentioning around your networks.

Some of the cool web2.0 elements of social networking that they have built
into the project are impressive. Our school is putting together a team and I
have created a special LandYacht Moodle group to help them organise their
thoughts and plans.  :-)

Regards Roland

The oz-TeacherNet - http://www.oz-teachernet.edu.au - is launching an
exciting new project, *Land Yachts, *for students in Years 4-7. Join us from
July 30, 2007 for the first time this project will run and be one of the
pilot schools who take part in our first *Big Race
September 7, 2007. We are hoping that this becomes a regular event on
calendar and we have already had some interest from schools outside of

Land Yachts, a project suggested on the oz-teachers list by a teacher in
Brisbane, will address the Key Learning Areas of Technology, Science, and
Mathematics. Students will work in groups of three to four to build a
Wind-powered Land Yacht powered by an electric fan.  Although we will find
the land yacht which travels the longest distance on the Race Day, this is
not a competitive event and all students will receive a certificate for
their participation.

During the design and development phase of the challenge, each team will
keep a blog of their progress and upload photos to share with the 'land
yacht' community. Each team will also be required to gather and record data
during the construction and testing of their yachts and share this data with
other teams via the otn/land-yachts website.

Registration for our first Land Yachts activity is now open and will close
on July 13, 2007. Details of how to upload images and videos, to team test
data and to participate in the Yacht-blogs will be made available to
registered teams when registration closes.  Go to
http://www.oz-teachernet.edu.au/projects/yachts/2007/ and fill in the online
form.  All we need for now are some simple details of who you are and how
many teams you will have.  Remember that this, like all oz-teachernet
projects, is free of charge. A land-yachts teachers list has been set up and
will provide useful peer support during the project.

When registration closes, we will send participants detailed instructions to
explain how to upload student photos, videos and how to take part in the
online blogs.  The project itself begins at the end of July.

For more details, please visit the website:
http://www.oz-teachernet.edu.au/projects/yachts.  If you need any help,
please contact either Ken Garrad (k.garrad at qut.edu.au) or Vinesh Chandra (
v.chandra at qut.edu.au).  To register an expression of interest or if you know
of a potential sponsor for this project, please contact us at
landyachts at oz-teachernet.edu.au.

Please share this advice with your networks. Home schoolers are also

Margaret Lloyd

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