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Hi Kevork

A great idea.  Unfortunately I am not in a school with junior students but a suggestion.

Instead of being seen as an extra class, teachers could encourage and guide more senior and subequently "trained students" to assist in running the classes and training the other students.

The reward for the students?  The students could receive certificates relating to assisting in training - this could assist as evidence of experience in future CVs and they would obviously be able to enhnce their own skills working in a collaborative working environment.

I can recall senior students assisting juniors when teaching in a secondary school.  They were very constructive and assisted in teaching and training fellow students.

They are a resource that many of us tend to overlook.

The task is how to properly acknowledge and record their contribution.

My 2 cents worth to a good initiative.

Geoff Moss

> Kevork Krozian <Kroset at novell1.fhc.vic.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>  Sorry for cross posting.
>  We already have a lunchtime computer club that attracts a large number 
> of students.
> However, I feel much of the time is unproductive and purely for 
> amusement and entertainment with little skill acquisition. 
> Therefore I have proposed to my colleagues that we work towards creating 
> simple bite sized , lunchtime sized activities that we will use to get 
> the students to complete thereby achieving a number of goals :
>    1. Increasing awareness of the different aspects of ICT
>    2. Increasing engagement , enthusiasm for ICT in middle and senior 
> years.
>    3. Educating students about the many different aspects of ICT beyond 
> their fairly narrow interaction in many cases eg. specific game playing 
> only
>    4. Certifying students with a piece of paper as having achieved X, Y 
> and Z skills.
> Sounds like another class doesn't it ?  Maybe, but I feel if we can get 
> the Yr 8 - 9 group fired up they will want to select VCE/VET  IT 
> subjects more readily purely from the perspective of confidence, 
> knowledge and hopefully some fun along the way. It is also a way for 
> students to discover what they like.
>  Here are a few ideas for worksheet lunchtime sized activities :
>  1. How to upgrade the RAM in a computer, verify it and evaluate before 
> and after performance
>  2. How to add a new hard drive to your computer , verify .....
>  3. How to backup files 
>  4. How to install XP or Vista  and restore backed up files
>  5. How to install virus protection
>  6. How to setup a SOHO LAN  ( Small office, home office ) with router
>  7. How to setup wireless networking with graduated levels of security
>  8. How to create a simple web site .... all the way to a high powered 
> multimedia web site
>  9. How to interact between a web site and a back end database, or MySQL 
> server
>  10. How to program games in gamemaker
>  11. How to program with Python ,  PHP or VB.NET
>  12. how to program/use mobile devices.
>  the list goes on and on.
>  My request from all readers is that if we can share these types of 
> worksheets/resources we can build a formidable skill base for our 
> lunchtime students and continue to update it for currency.
>  If you have any ideas or samples please send them in and I will build a 
> section for these resources on the edulists site for all to share.
>  One statistic that hit me yesterday was in the 4 senior IT VCE/VET 
> classes running at Forest Hill College, of the 60 or more students in 
> these classes there are ONLY 2 girls.......... 
> Perhaps we can build fund things for girls to do at lunchtime so that 
> there is a niche for EVERYONE in ICT and not just one group ...
> Look forward to hearing from you.
> Kevork Krozian
> IT Manager , Forest Hill College
> k.krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au
> http://www.fhc.vic.edu.au
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