[Offtopic] ASX Schools Sharemarket Game (21st August 2007)

Stephen Loosley stephen at melbpc.org.au
Wed Jul 18 22:40:54 EST 2007

All about the Australian Stock Exchange Schools Sharemarket Game



The classroom sets the scene for a lesson in share investment as students in years 7-12 have an opportunity to practice their skills as they "trade" online.  

Students are given a hypothetical $50,000 to trade with over a eight week period and there are some fantastic cash prizes to be won (for both students and the winning schools).

Students play the Game as part of a school subject or perhaps as an extra curricular activity.

Game 1, 2007: Trading has finished for Game 1. Approximately 33,000 secondary school students across Australia gained hands-on experience of the sharemarket during eight weeks of internet 'share trading'.  

Registrations for Game 2 sponsored by Bond University open 21 August 2007. 

Get an email (Click on the webpage) when registration opens for Game 2, 2007

National prizes for schools (also eligible for state prize): 
1st $3000  2nd $2000  3rd $1000 
National prize for student/syndicate: 
$300 plus state 1st prize 

State prize for school: 
1st $2000 
State prizes for students: 
1st $800  2nd $400  3rd $250 

How the Game works
Students compete either individually or in syndicates (2-4 students) 
Buy and sell shares "online" in 100 ASX listed companies 
Place orders to buy or sell shares any time.
Orders will be executed when the real sharemarket is open 
“At market” orders will be filled using the next available price in the real sharemarket.
You can also place “at limit” orders (you set the price) 

Look at a snapshot of Game 1, 2007 : Top five players:

Player name  | School  | State  |  Portfolio Value

1. Benny 11 Catholic College VIC $58,147.93
2. JOGGLERS CO Mazenod College WA $57,780.88
3. TMS Cambridge Park High School NSW $57,210.62
4. Howard Enterprises Coffs Harbour Christian Community High School NSW $57,120.64
5. Group 18 Sacred Heart College Senior SA $57,034.05

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