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Tue Feb 27 03:24:57 EST 2007

Hi all,

If this Australian company is successful, then we will be able
to generate Australia's entire power supply needs, with zero
pollution (visual or otherwise) for the next one-hundred years
very cheaply indeed. Yes .. all our power needs for a century.


Although i have zero financial interest in this company because
of the importance for our country of this technology, one likes to
review progress. Here's the latest report and good luck to them!

"Geodynamics Limited was formed in November 2000 to focus on the 
development of zero emissions, renewable energy generation from Hot 
Fractured Rocks (HFR) in Australia. The Company has HFR geothermal 
tenements in NSW, QLD and in the north-eastern part of South Australia. 
This latter area can be classified as the hottest non-volcanic region in 
the world.

Geodynamics Limited is the largest known public company in Australia with 
a focus on HFR energy. It aims to become the largest renewable energy 
producer in Australia by developing emission-free, baseload electricity 
generation from known HFR geothermal resources. 

It is well advanced on Stage One of its three stage business plan based 
on the development of the known HFR geothermal resource in the Cooper 

Stage One is the demonstration of economic heat extraction from a two 
well circulation test via a developed underground heat exchanger. The 
Company has nearly completed this stage having drilled both wells in 2003 
and 2004 (Habanero #1 and Habanero #2) and having successfully developed 
the underground heat exchanger. 

>From February to June 2006, it endeavoured to drill a sidetrack to 
Habanero #2 to improve connection to the underground reservoir and bypass 
a lost completion plug. In early July 2006 it terminated the sidetrack 
well on Habanero #2 due to stuck drill pipe. The sidetrack if successful, 
would have enabled the Company to complete its reservoir testing program 
shortly thereafter. A review of drilling was completed and a decision was 
made to drill a new well, Habanero 3, rather than re-enter Habanero 2 
with another sidetrack. 

This new well will enable the Company to complete its reservoir testing 
program concluding with a six week circulation test. It is anticipated 
that the new well and subsequent reservoir testing program will be 
completed by the end of 2007.

Geodynamics acquired global rights to the Kalina Cycle Technology (KCT) 
in January 2004 .. a new patented power cycle which is substantially more 
efficient in converting medium temperature heat sources to power as 
compared to existing technologies. It has direct applications to the 
Cooper Basin HFR Project and also enables the Company to extend its 
business into Kalina based electricity generation .. <end quote>

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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