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Hi all,

The SCORM standard for e-learning materials (not difficult
to apply to edu resources you create, for instance, it can
be as simple as adding a few more htmltags into your pages)
currently seems will be the standard for world Edu sharing.

A new ownership for SCORM is currently being finalized, and
hence, 'interested organizations are invited to participate'.

> Date:    Fri, 2 Feb 2007 23:24:52 +1030
> From:    Jon Mason <jon at INTERCOG.NET>
> Subject: Governance of ICT Standards Conference

Global Leadership & Governance of Standards for ICT in Learning,
Education & Training

A conference is to be held on March 19th 2007 at the Institute of
Education, London.

Conference focus: The future stewardship, or governance, of International
Standards for Learning, Education & Training in general and, in 
particular, the Sharable Content Object Reference  Model (SCORM), as it
is transitioned from its creators to its new international steward.

SCORM Background: 

The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) enables inter
operability among eLearning systems. Interoperability is the key to
market growth and viability in the delivery of instruction over the web:

* Content developed with one tool can run on any delivery system (LMS). 

* Modules from an old course can be plugged into a new course easily. 

* Delivery environments can be swapped without re-writing all the courses 

* Developers can resell quality courses and other learning objects across
  a large market without recoding. 

SCORM has achieved broad international adoption by systems vendors and
government regulatory bodies and has been submitted to ISO/IEC for
consideration as an international standard.  

SCORM was originally developed by the US Advanced Distributed Learning
Initiative (ADL) and is used broadly throughout the US. It comprises a
set of standards that enable interoperability between systems and has
achieved broad adoption by educational institutions and by corporate and
government training departments around the world.
As a result of SCORM’s international and commercial success, the ADL 
intends to transition stewardship of SCORM to a new organization during 
2007 .. The new steward will be responsible for supporting SCORM users 
and vendors and for setting its future direction.

The ADL will vest the stewardship of SCORM with LETSI and will actively 
participate in the continued evolution of SCORM and the development, 
through LETSI, of new interoperability reference models based on de jure 

The ad hoc LETSI committee has worked with the ADL to develop a 
Prospectus for the new organization. 

Interested organizations are invited to participate in forming a future-
oriented, global collaboration to advance the interoperability of 
technical systems supporting learning, education and training through the 
use of reference models based on de jure standards. 

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