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Fri Dec 14 15:33:51 EST 2007

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> From: Kate @ edna
> Sent: December 11, 2007 4:30 PM
> Subject: .. edna collaborative services and launch of me

edna will launch a beta release of a new professional networking service
for educators - me.edu.au (myedna) on Saturday 15th December. Everyone
whose a current edna registered user (free) will automatically have a myedna
profile and space which will provide significant benefits for edna members.

Once  me.edu.au  is live we'll send out a further email about updating your
current profile and taking advantage of this new functionality ..

On Saturday 15th December between 7.30 pm and midnight the  me.edu.au
beta service will be implemented ..

About  me.edu.au:

The new myedna  www.me.edu.au  service enables Australian educators
to build a personal profile with their professional skills and interests, and
link to colleagues (& their activity) who have similar interests. me is based
upon social networking applications with further functionality and integration
with other online education services planned for 2008.

Any feedback you have on improving this service will be invaluable.


The myedna project team

Kate Venning
kvenning at educationau.edu.au

Thanks, Kate :)
Stephen Loosley
Member Victorian
Institute of Teaching

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