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I did hear from one teacher that you just remove the HDD and pop in a new
one that is much larger (Say 120 Gb+)  Keep the old HDD or use in a portable
usb2 hdd box. This would set you back by around $100. Of course you would
need to replace everything at the end of the laptop cycle and your new HDD
would not be covered by the laptop warranty.

I notice that there are some super cheap laptops now out that come with
Linux for just a couple of hundred dollars. Imagine if schools would
consider using something like these as entry level hardware for staff or
     http://tinyurl.com/2f8v4z (Age news report)

Regards Roland

On 28/08/2007, Cameron Bell <bell.cameron.p at edumail.vic.gov.au> wrote:
> <disillusionment>
> Is it just me or are you finding that the notebooks DEECD lease are
> struggling to keep up?
> I have put a Gig of RAM in the R51 (up from default 512) I have and
> because at any given time I am running a virtual box, a remote desktop
> session for admin, plus email plus online marking, the thing is having a
> hernia. I don't even bother with Clickview videos.
> I was thinking of getting a Macbook in the next rollout, but I have
> severe doubts that they would be any better, especially given the
> miniscule partition size you are left with if you install XP as well. (I
> would need 3 partitions to take any advantage of getting a Mac - Ubuntu,
> OSX and XP)
> At  least in NSW teachers can lease the Macbook Pro. Would be good if we
> at least had an option of getting a reasonably speccd machine. Many
> users wouldn't need it, but I reckon that if you include all the
> graphics teachers, multimedia, or other "power users" (I hate that term)
> across the state, it could justify a choice.
> Cheers
> Cameron
> </ disillusionment>
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