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Diane Peat dpeat at firbank.vic.edu.au
Thu Aug 23 17:09:20 EST 2007

We have over 50 Promethean interactive ActivBoards in our school (Prep to
12) and use them constantly. Even without the IWB, the benefits of having a
digital projector in the classroom can't be understated. We have been very
happy with the IWBs and they come with an extensive range of resources (I
sound like an ad; I don't mean to). You can also save your own resources
(eg. mathematical formulae, graphics, etc) to the resources area of the
board. We liked the fact that they had a hard membrane rather than the
softer one of the Smartboards because we felt it might result in less
'accidents'. We liked the idea of using a pen rather than fingers,
particularly with younger (boy!) students. We also wanted one board
throughout the school so that teachers (and techies) who work over our three
campuses only had to learn the intricacies of one brand of board. We
researched for about 18 months before we took the plunge two years ago and
have been very happy with the results. But the main key to success is good,
ongoing PD; otherwise, it's just another white technological elephant that
isn't used. I can't stress enough the importance of PD - don't even think of
buying a board unless PD is supported by management.

If anyone would like to visit sunny Bayside (well, today was sunny), please
feel free to let me know and I'll arrange a 'look / see'.

I hope this helps.

Diane Peat
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We have team boards in place at the college I do like them. We are only
in the infancy of the program but hope to go some where with them over
the next few years.

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Hi Folks,

   About 18 months ago we had a discussion about the merits of
Electronic Whiteboards.

At my school, the decision has been made to purchase 4 of these. The
only issue is which brand to go with.

Here is the email from a colleague :

"As we are going to trial electronic whiteboards I would like some
opinions on the pros and cons of the Promethean, mimio, smartboard and
teamboard. Which should we go with? "

 Could I ask those out there with experience in the use of any of these
whiteboards to make their recommendations please ?

Best Wishes

Kevork Krozian
IT Manager , Forest Hill College
k.krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au
Mobile: 0419 356 034

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