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Welcome to e·Potential


The e.Potential ICT Capabilities Resource has been produced to support 
teachers as they develop their capabilities to integrate ICT into their 
learning and teaching.  Login  [8 digit record number & Edumail password] 

The resource underpins the eLearning Professional Learning Strategy and 
supports teachers to see the potential of ICT for powerful learning.  

The continuum and survey tool provide Teachers and School Leaders with a 
framework and benchmarks for ongoing development. 

The ePotential survey is available to all Victorian Government schools. 

To complete the survey and access the dynamic range of resources, log in 
using your 8 digit pin/TO number  

Teachers... access the Online Survey to ascertain where you are in the 
Continuum of ICT Capabilities.  Based on your results, you will be guided 
to banks of interactive resources, journal tools and planning tools to 
support your ongoing professional development. 

School Leaders...ePotential also provides you with reliable benchmark 
data. No individual teacher results are ever available, however you can 
access the Online Survey to look at cohorts of teachers. Drill down to 
find informative data, useful in ICT planning at a School-wide level.  
Download the Reporting Guide for more assistance, including how to 
Delegate Principal Permission.

Common Queries

Do you have a question about using ePotential?  Try viewing the Common 
Queries to see if the answer is already there.

Introducing ePotential - Regional Briefings 19/07/2007 

Want to know more about what this resource can do for your teaching? 
Wondering how this set of tools can help your school get the most out of 
your technologies and improve student learning outcomes? Do you need help 
understanding what your results mean and what digital resources are 

Regional Briefings for Teachers and Principals are being conducted 
throughout Victoria in Term 3. Click here for dates and venues or email 
epotential at edumail.vic.gov.au for further information.

Survey Tool Changes 16/07/2007 

School leaders may notice some small changes to the ePotential Survey 
Tool.   These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to keeping 
ePotential up to date, efficient and easy to use.  The User Guides and 
online HELP have been updated to reflect the changes or, to view a summary 
of the changes now, click here.
ePotential Community 30/04/2007 The community around ePotential is 
growing.  If you would like to join the ePotential mailing list email a 
blank email to: join-epotential at edna.edu.au.

ePotential Facilitators Kit 25/04/2007 

A DVD has been developed to support teachers and leaders who are driving 
the implementation of ePotential in their School.  The contents include 
explanatory videos, a PowerPoint for presenting an Overview of the Tool, 
supporting documentation and a static version of the Continuum of 
Resources.  Posters for your school are also available.  Please email 
epotential at edumail.vic.gov.au should you require any additional 
information or would like a copy of the DVD or poster. 

Showcase your ePotential 25/04/2007 

If you have student samples of work, teacher work samples, digital stories 
or case studies and you would like to support others in their ongoing 
development please contact davie.lynn.e at edumail.vic.gov.au to add your 
resources to the ePotential Community. 

Coming Soon.....ePotential Communities  29/12/2006 

If you have an area of work for which you would like to facilitate an 
online community of interest, register your idea at 
epotential at edumail.vic.gov.au.  ePotential Communities will be available 
in the new year. 

Cheers, people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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