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Hi all,

So, "97.5 per cent of (teachers) experienced some sort of bullying .. the 
bullies were the school executive .." 

Does anyone feel protected by the VIT? :-)

Children Not The Only Ones Bullied
Milanda Rout | July 16, 2007 

TEACHERS are being bullied by angry parents and senior colleagues almost 
as much as students bully each other in the playground.

Researchers believe a "frightening" number of teachers experience threats 
from parents and are bullied by senior staff. 

Such intimidation has led teachers to take out intervention orders against 
parents, leave the school and even quit the profession. 

The University of New England is undertaking the first nationwide survey 
to determine the extent of the problem. 

Project head Dan Riley said the research followed a pilot study of 200 
Catholic school teachers completed in 2005, which showed the problem was 
much more widespread than they had thought. 

"We found 97.5 per cent of the 200 did experience some sort of bullying," 
he said. 

"The bullies were the school executive, followed by parents and then 
principals. It is a bit frightening. We didn't actually expect to find 
what we did." 

Dr Riley said bullying tactics used by senior staff included isolation, 
negative comments about performance and "picking on" teachers in front of 

At 10:09 PM 13/08/2007, Jan May wrote:

I've attached VIT review document if anyone is interested in more detail 
about the review.

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>>> "Robyn Kuchel" <brku at netconnect.com.au> 08/13/07 8:49 PM >>>

What Unions have a conciliatory stance? I know the AEU is concerned that as
many people as possible participate in the review so that particulary that
role of representing teachers which seems to be very neglected is
highlighted as an area of concern. I think they plan to scrap the 
they publish and put the money to better use.

Robyn Kuchel

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> For those who have serious misgivings about the role of the VIT in this
> and previous cases, there is a VIT review in process.
> I have no more idea about it than the section below which is straight
> from the VIT website, and I wonder who the "Key groups" might be. In
> regards this issue and others it seems that VIT not only fails to
> represent teachers, but is to the right of talkback radio.
> I have a difference of opinion with some of my VATE friends on the
> performance of the VIT and find it even more of a worry that the unions
> seem to have a conciliatory stance.
> To my mind VIT publications are as empty as government
> advertorials(complete with innumerable baby-kissing, ribbon cutting,
> self-congratulatory photos) and I have found the coverage of issues
> related to teacher de-registration to be more thoughtful and balanced in
> S-Press.
> For anyone who feels like submitting to the review (Run by the
> government, not teachers, of course!) the details are below.
> Greta Caruso
> The Minister for Education, John Lenders, has appointed Frank King to
> conduct the review.
> Public submissions based on the terms of reference will be accepted
> until close of business on
> Tuesday, 18th September 2007. Mr King will also meet key groups to
> assist in his examination.
> Mr King will deliver a report to the Minister by 31st December 2007.
> How can submissions be made?
> Submissions can be made electronically to vit at hlbvic.com.au or by mail
> to:
> VIT Review
> Mr Frank King
> GPO Box 2939
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> "Teachers call for guidelines on schoolyard brawls"
> Posted (on ABC website) 5 hours 30 minutes ago
> <http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/08/12/2002735.htm>
> Victorian teachers are calling for official guidelines and training in
> how
> to respond to schoolyard fights.
> The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has reviewed the
> actions of a teacher who refused to step in during a brawl at a high
> school, south-east of Melbourne.
> VCAT found there are no set rules requiring teachers to physically
> intervene and that there appears to be no clear guidelines to advise
> teachers on appropriate actions.
> Australian Teachers Union (ATU) spokeswoman Mary Bluett says teachers
> are
> concerned about the threat of litigation.
> "When you are in a situation where a fight erupts, you are in two
> minds,"
> she said.
> "Do I go in and physically touch a student and open myself up perhaps to
> legal action, or is the bigger issue my duty of care to prevent injury
> to
> that student."
> The state's regulatory body, the Victorian Institute of Teaching, says
> it
> will examine VCAT's comments at its next executive meeting.
> It says each school sets out its expectations of teachers in their
> employment contracts.
> --
> Cheers, people
> Stephen Loosley
> Victoria,

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