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This tool appears at Number Two in the Top 100 Tools list and is a 
Recommended tool  <http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100.html>

Website <http://del.icio.us/about/>  

Cost Free


del.icio.us is a free social bookmarking tool.  Store your bookmarks 
online, tag them and share them with your colleagues and students.  Easy 
to use and easy to search for other bookmarked resources.

Comments from contributors

"it lets me keep my bookmarks on line and look at everyone else's" Jay 

"When combined with the Flock browser, this is great for storing pages 
stumbled upon and for seeing what others are tagging along the lines I'm 
interested in"  Paul Coyne 

"It's so easy to tag and organize bookmarks using del.icio.us, and I love 
that I can access them from anywhere." B J Schone 

"I am studying towards an MA at the moment and find useful bits and pieces 
in the most unexpected places. It is so great to be able to tag these for 
future reference with a little "note to self" as to why I found it 
interesting."  Karyn Romeis 

"the ease of sharing links between colleagues and friends is outstanding. 
Using RSS for tags allow me to create custom and updated resources lists 
of links for classes, faculty and peers."  Audrey J Williams 

"Quick post to del.icio.us button in my browsers allows me to send the 
current site of interest to an universally available pile of neural 
network waste to be found later by luck or recall."  Teemu Arina 

"This is a great tool for keeping track of both what I find on the web and 
what others have found." Tim Stahmer 

"I have played with several social bookmark tools and have settled on 
del.icio.us for my online, searchable database that forms part of my 
Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system"  Harold Jarche

"Great tool for saving bookmarks and networking with other users by 
sharing our bookmarks" Eduardo Peirano

"Love the tagging function ... This way I can see what other people I 
admire are turning up in their web browsing" Michele Martin

"I collect and tag lots of sites for future reference and use. Furl is 
good, but del.icio.us and tagging fit me better."  Joan Vinall-Cox

"it's where we share what has got our interest. social bookmarking just 
flat works for us as a collaborative tool. everyone in our workgroup uses 
it."  Kevin Gamble

"Great tool to save and share interesting websites and blog posts. I use 
it to collect sources for presentations, papers, articles and -of course- 
blog posts."  Wilfred Rubens

"Social bookmarking is very important for me because I like to share my 
links with others and storing my bookmarks in a secure way" Jose Carlos 
del Arco

"At first I simply didn't "get" del.icio.us.  it seemed to simple.  But 
it's simplicity is its secret.  With the launch of the Firefox del.icio.us 
extension,  I was won over.  Enables easy storage of found resources by 
individuals or groups.  Tagging opens all resources labeled as "not 
private" to any del.icio.us member."  Dave Lee

"Sin el botón derecho del ratón no puedo vivir : Tag this page...mi 
memoria de nuevo (Without the right button of the mouse I cannot live: Tag 
this page… my memory again)   Eraser Cabeza Borredora

"At last a favourites (bookmarks) site that works on any computer. And, I 
can see those posted by like minded colleagues and friends."  David Sugden

"another essential tool that I use through netvibes. I like the network 
option"  Frances Bell

"Really practical with its bookmarklet. I should work out a solution to be 
able to handle multiple accounts at the same time. del.icio.us/cgi"  
Daniel Molnar

"Essential bookmarking tool. Good network and search options."  Jose Luis 

"I can’t believe how much I depend on this social bookmarking tool to 
remember sites I have visited but also for sharing cool sites with my 
friends. Now I don’t need to be that annoying friend who always sends 
emails recommending websites (I can’t help myself) - if I find a site and 
know my friend’s del.icio.us name I can tag the site as: for:ccassinelli 
and then when that user goes to their del.icio.us account they can add my 
favorite to theirs. This is very helpful for group projects!"  Colette 

" I use this site extensively for keeping, sharing and networking 
bookmarks and sites. I use it for my own professional development, and 
promote it for use in teaching." Nicole Cargill-Kipar

"For leaning.  For research, Del.icio.us builds beautifully on the raw 
power of Google.  Sometimes I have a topic in mind, sometimes I just want 
to be lead to something interesting I hadn’t thought of looking into 
before"  David Meaney


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