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Cameron Bell bell.cameron.p at edumail.vic.gov.au
Fri Aug 3 08:33:10 EST 2007

I am cross-posting this as I need to try and capture a cross-section of 
responses and each of these groups probably has the relevant 
school-based person reading it.

Could you please do me a favour and give me an indication of if your 
school has a policy in place for dealing with the long term storage of 
digital artifacts. I am most concerned that many of my students and 
staff have no thought to the long term retrieval of digital work. As we 
move into digital portfolios, I want to be sure that students in Yr 7 
are still able to read their work in Yr 12, even if it is just for 
novelty value, but hopefully to enable reflection and to be able to map 
out the journey they have taken at school. I am also wanting to try and 
get an indication of the particular file formats that schools have 
settled upon for the variety of applications/uses in their curriculum 
and admin.
E.g Written Docs, music files, graphics files etc

Does your school have rules that govern the types of file formats that 
will be used?
At what level (or in what course) do you deal with this issue with your 
Does your staff have a good understanding of the implications of using 
particular file formats for future retrieval?

I would very much also like it if you are prepared to admit that it is 
not being dealt with at your school, particularly if you can give me 
reasons why you think it is not an issue or why your school does not 
think it needs to be addressed.

I understand that if you do not wish to comment publicly on this, or 
clutter the list, so I welcome off-list replies to my email address.

Thanks in advance
Cameron Bell
bell.cameron.p at edumail.vic.gov.au

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