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Stephen Loosley stephen at melbpc.org.au
Wed Aug 1 21:18:48 EST 2007

Hi all .

An excellent resource .. free for teachers and schools ...


Create simple web pages that groups, friends, & families can edit together


* What are good uses for a wiki?   Wikis work great for classrooms, work groups, families, sports teams, book and fan clubs, and more. 

* What does Wikispaces cost?   Public wikis are free;  private and ad-free wikis options range from $5 to $20 per month.

* Is my wikispace secure?   Yes - you set who is allowed to view and edit your space. 

* K-12 Teacher?   We're giving away 100,000 free wikis for primary and secondary education ...


Back in January, we decided to offer our Plus Plan to K-12 teachers for free. 

We didn't set out with a grand strategy, just an interest in helping teachers with our easy to use wiki technology.

Over 10,000 educational wikis later, we've heard countless stories of excited students and empowered teachers. They've told us about their collaborative essays, group study guides, online lesson plans, and classroom notice boards coming alive on Wikispaces.

Now we're taking the next step - we want to give away 100,000 free K-12 Plus wikis. That includes all the features and benefits that normally cost $50/year - for free. No fine print, no usage limits, no advertising, no catches.

We hope that you'll read on, try a wiki at your school, and help us spread the word.

- Adam, Dom, and James

Start a Wiki in 30 Seconds
Fill in the fields below and you're done. ...

Space of the Month: The-Moon
July's Space of the Month is an example of an educational wiki that
is all about collaboration and spreading knowledge:
http://the-moon.wikispaces.com .  With over 2,000 pages it has become
an amazing reference wiki!

Our Space: The-Moon Wiki is a repository for scientific and historic
information about the Moon and the people who study it. We want the
wiki to be THE place to find out about every named lunar landform.
Each piece of data is signed or has a reference listed so users can
evaluate the quality of the information.

Our Community: There are three main (=obsessed) contributors
including Chuck Wood, a lunar scientist, Mark Tillotson, an engineer
and amateur astronomer who has fallen in love with the Moon, and Jim
Mosher, a retired physicist. Each has contributed knowledge, hard
work and skills, allowing us to create 2055 pages in less than 2
months. Amateur astronomers and professional lunar scientists use and
contribute to The-Moon.

Our Experience with Wikispaces: Wikispaces is a very easy to use
tool. We created computer programs to harvest information from
sources across the Internet, and then used the Wikispaces template
feature to create pages. We did have to add each page by hand, and
also hundreds of images - how we wish there were bulk uploads and
global editing (for use as we discover new data sources)! Wood has
two other Wikispaces sites (including a private one for study of
Titan data from the Cassini spacecraft) and will use a new Wikispaces
site as a classroom for an online course this fall on education about
the Moon.

Got a space in mind for next month? Let us know:

Cheers, people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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