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Stephen Loosley stephen at melbpc.org.au
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On 30/10/2006, Paula Christophersen wrote:

Dear colleagues

DE&T has just published a CD resource titled ‘Digital portfolio resources’ which includes:

·          Examples of portfolios 

·          Support materials 

·          Ideas behind effective digital learning portfolios

·          Templates and planning documents

·          Reflection tools

·          Basic technical notes.

As a VELS requirement, from level 4, students are required to create e-portfolios (or banks of digital evidence), as they are referred to in the VELS. 

This DE&T resource will be extremely useful for all teachers not just ICT experts ...

It was sent to government schools in the first week of term 4. It was addressed to the Principal and was part of a package from DE&T’s Student Learning division. Only one copy was sent to each school. 

If you cannot find the CD, please contact Kerrie Ekinsmyth at: ekinsmyth.kerrie.k at edumail.vic.gov.au. Remember to look first! ...

At the moment, the CD is not available to non government schools, however DE&T is hoping to redress this situation. I will keep you posted!



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Cheers, Paula ..
Stephen Loosley
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