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Hi all,

Here's something from Adam which may be of interest.
As he relates, local communities can soon have a url:

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> T H E  2006  U P D A T E
> AuNz Net and Information Industry Briefs
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> *Community Internet Domains Readied For Release
> Community geographic Internet domain names, for example,
> ballarat.vic.au, will become available for registration in July/
> August of this year.
> These names have not been available before and have been
> reserved for community use. Registrants will be not-for-profit and
> will have to show that they have broad community support. They
> will be expected to use their website as a community portal.
> .au Community Domains (auCD), the not-for-profit company
> which acts as trustee of the .au Community Domains Trust, was
> established this year by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA).
> AuCD will provide support services to communities who want to
> register their geographic domain name. This will include a free
> "How-to Kit" and a tailored website set-up system.
> AuCD is being funded from the proceeds of the sale of commercial
> geographic Internet domain names.
> Web: http://www.aucd.org.au
> ** EdNA's Picks **
> The "Details" section of the Australian Bureau of Statistics
> publication "Schools, Australia, 2005" provides statistics on student
> and staff populations for state and territory schools, student
> enrollments by category of school including non-government
> schools, enrollments by level of education, enrollment by sex and
> year level, Indigenous enrollments, retention rates, and teaching
> and non-teaching staffing levels.
> Web:
> http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/DetailsPage/4221.02005?

Email Adam direct if you'd like 'The Update' delivered to you.

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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