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Sun Jul 30 13:43:37 EST 2006

The USA House of Representatives has passed the Deleting Online Predators
Act (DOPA) by a 410-15 vote.

The struggle for freedom against reaction will always be with us. It is
possibly restrictive to see something that has just happened, such as
as a single issue. Single issues have to be fought but it is useful to see
the overall context. The USA House of Representatives vote is not an
aberration but part of a huge battle already happening on numerous fronts.

Here is a progression in thinking and doing, which is happening around us
all the time:

   - Save the children
   - Censor the adults
   - Make money from passive consumers
   - Treat adults like children
   - Fascist governments who use terror or the threat of terror against
   their citizens
   - Proprietary institutions who accommodate fascism, eg. Yahoo,
   MicroSoft, Google

All the above things are related, connected and intermingle with each other

Continued here

Bill Kerr
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