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It make sense to download software
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Subject: AARNet launches a new mirror service
for access to open source software distributions

Sydney, Australia - 10 April 2006 - Australia's Academic and Research
Network (AARNet) has hosted a mirror service since 1997. The mirror
is a dedicated archive hosted on one or more servers for users to be able
to download popular software locally so that expensive international
traffic costs can be avoided.  

The AARNet mirror has proved to be very popular, and over the years
a number of upgrades have been made to ensure its relevance and to
keep up with increased user demand. 
Recently, AARNet took the decision to revamp its entire mirror
infrastructure.  This decision was taken inline with the roll out of the
AARNet3 network.  The new AARNet mirror uses the latest hardware for
faster performance and a vastly expanded disk subsystem.  It has been
deployed with a dedicated connection to the AARNet3 backbone.  This
means that it can support data rates at multi gigabit speeds with the
option to upgrade that connection to 10Gbps in the future.  Additional
disk space has provided a larger software archive coverage that has been
populated with up to date software and archive distributions.  This
means that Australian users can benefit from fast, reliable and high
performance access to a wider range of free software distributions.
Chris Hancock, CEO, AARNet, said, "The new AARNet mirror is
an important resource ... It offers high speed access to software (and)
our hope is that the mirror remains popular and that it continues to
be a rich source for developers, educators and end users."
The new AARNet mirror goes online today.  The website address
remains unchanged at http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/

The new mirror does reside on a different IP address subnet.  This may
affect access where firewall policies are strictly applied.  For more
information contact AARNet's mirror team at mirror at aarnet.edu.au. 
About AARNet
AARNet Pty Ltd (APL) is the company that operates Australia's Academic
and Research Network (AARNet). It is a not-for-profit company limited by
shares. The shareholders are 37 Australian universities and the CSIRO.

 For further information: http://www.aarnet.edu.au/

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