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Yes Rupert, this is a very good talk that is certainly worth listening 
too. It made me think how schools will change over the next generation.  
At the time that I was listening to it, I made a note in my blog that 
Queen Elizabeth II had just bought an iPOD 
<http://sg.news.yahoo.com/050617/1/3t0zw.html>. It probably sits in her 
white purse next to the mobile phone that Prince Andrew gave her in 
2001. ;-)      

Regards Roland

Rupert Russell wrote:

>The following talk by IT futurist Dr Damian Conway makes for very
>interesting listening.
>'Four Funerals and a Wedding: disruptive technologies and digital
>How might the coming IT shifts affect your daily work, your current job,
>and your future career?  Hear IT futurist Dr Damian Conway discuss four
>emerging information technologies that in the coming decade will almost
>certainly kill, and then eat, dozens of existing businesses. 
>How might the coming IT shifts affect how you work, play and live? Find
>out by listening to Damian Conway's presentation using Real Player audio
>or mp3.
>The talk is available as an MP3 file from the following address:
>The Real Player audio file is located at:
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