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	There are heaps of pages out there that go nowhere. I even found the second to last page on the Internet. http://attrition.org/misc/stl.html


	I am thinking of writing a chapter in my next book, "Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance". Think about it. Does a web page really exist if nobody looks at it? Most web pages are unique and assembled from a database query, this means that they don't exist until you think of a question and click on the submit button. If we apply some physics here, smaller web pages would have a greater quantum uncertainty and might slip into the grey-information world of existing in two states at once, until they are observed. Like Schrödinger's cat, the info-bit particles that made up your web page Roslyn, might only have existed until the very moment you had clicked upon the link, whereupon they promptly vanished into nothingness. I reckon that many of my student assignments go down a very similar digital plughole just before the due-date event horizon, but that is another story..


	Regards Roland


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	Can anyone explain how to get to this website - I just get 

	The page cannot be displayed 


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	Can anyone explain how this works?
	Has me fooled!!!
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