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based on those ANSI requirements your budget may be just a little low.
The easiest to use have always been the SONY projectors but they all still require cool down times due to the extreme heat developed in the fillament that is in the light source.
genuine glopes are the most pricey howevery aftermarket equivalents are generally avliable.
best contact i have for projectors is
Brashs Preston
Try talking to 
Vince Or Robert they should be able to help

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Can anyone recommend a data projector brand and model they have bought recently? And which companies do you recommend? 

Requirements are:
Need to work well rooms that are bright (many of our rooms can get quite a bit of sunlight) My guess is 1500 to 1800 ANSI lumens min.

Need to be teacher -proof (eg easy to set-up and easy to close down including cooldown). Do any  models still exist that you didn't have to wait for cooldown before turning off

Needs long-life and durable bulb that is not too expensive to replace 
We are budgettig for about $2000-$3000. Is this realistic? 

Alan Preston 
Derrinallum College 

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