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Roland Gesthuizen rge at westallsc.vic.edu.au
Fri Mar 25 11:45:03 EST 2005

>From memory it is 1:25 for the average lame "building walkabout" type
excursion, 1:10 for anything more dangerous or risky. We also work towards a
gender balance but this isn't always possible. Aides can count as staff so
you don't always need to make up the staffing levels with teachers but don't
quote me on it.

Regards Roland

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This is really off-topic but I am hoping some will find the time to reply.

Can you tell me what the staff to students ratio for excursions is in your
school. Is there a difference for different types of excursions? eg rock
climbing vs the zoo.

Mark Scott
Timetabler / Daily Organiser
Luther College

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