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Riehm, Tracey L riehm.tracey.l at edumail.vic.gov.au
Sun Jun 12 16:14:05 EST 2005

Hi there,
Timboon P-12 School is considering going thin client. Before we start
getting too involved, we would like a few members of staff to visit
schools using thin client technology. I would also like some feedback as
to how it is used & how successfully.
Being P-12, we are concerned with the capability to run junior
multimedia programs (PM story books, earobics etc) as well as senior
software (science simulations (ZAP, crocodile etc), multimedia, web page
design etc) and school wide programs (kahootz, digital content,
TypeQuick etc).
If your school uses thin client, and you would be willing to give 3 or 4
of my staff a quick tour of your facilities & a demo of how it's
run/used, please contact me ASAP.
Also, since we are in South West Victoria, schools 'close' (ie < 2 hours
drive from Timboon which is approx 40 mins from Warrnambool, 50 mins
from Colac) would be preferred, but I have no idea who is using it &
therefore how far we will need to travel. I am happy to go anywhere, but
my colleagues are less enthused about travelling.
If you have recently decided not to go the way of thin client, and would
be so kind as to summarise why that would also be handy.
I know there have been many questions on thin client over the years, but
I'm not sure if there's a nice web page somewhere that summarises or
records all the info (I couldn't find it) and I do sincerely apologise
for the repetitive nature of parts of this message.
Thanks to anyone who may be able to assist :-)
Tracey Riehm
Learning Technology Manager
Timboon P-12 School
Bailey Street
Timboon Vic 3268
ph: 5598 3381
fax: 5598 3507

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