[Offtopic] Four Funerals and a Wedding

Roland Gesthuizen rge at westallsc.vic.edu.au
Sun Jul 10 15:06:55 EST 2005

Nice talk by the Futurist Dr Damian Conway was given recently at a Monash
Alumni breakfast. It is a 28 Mb MP3 download but one hour presentation is
worth listening to hear some of his creative and humorous forecasts about
three technologies that will die and one that will converge over the next 10
years including the church that increased attendance by installing a
wireless hotspot.


'Four Funerals and a Wedding: disruptive technologies and digital
convergence' Imagine a world where wireless technology is available
everywhere, where software is replaced by services, when CDs and DVDs become
HVDs (Holographic Video Disks) and when the internet is used to turn on
light switches!

Regards Roland

Roland Gesthuizen - eLearning Coordinator - Westall Secondary College 

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