[General Maths] CS4HS at the University of Melbourne, 20-21 November

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Computer Science for High School, University of Melbourne

20-21 November (main workshop)
22 November (optional day for those involved in the proposed VCE study
  Algorithms, Computation and Intelligence)

Keynote speaker: Professor Tim Bell, University of Canterbury NZ, creator
of "CS Unplugged" and the "Computer Science Field Guide".

The program will consist of presentations, lab sessions, and small group
discussion, including:

* What's happening in CS: exciting presentations on new research in
autonomous agents; data mining; solving the world's hardest computational

* New ideas in teaching CS: engaging girls -- a narrative approach to
teaching with Cellular; A new Snap! extension for network science; secretly
teaching the foundations of computing with steganography.

* VCE Algorithms, Computation and Intelligence: overview of the proposed
study; how to get involved; day 3 activities to develop materials.

Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

At the moment, it is expected that the Australian Curriculum: Digital
Technologies, with a strong focus on computational thinking, will be
implemented through AusVELS in 2015. This workshop will be of interest to
teachers who are currently offering dedicated ICT/digital technologies
subjects and who will be teaching AusVELS Digital Technologies from 2015.

VCE Algorithms, Computation and Intelligence

A central theme of this workshop will be the new VCE study,
provisionally titled: "Algorithms, Computation and Intelligence".
Students will study computation as a method of automated reasoning.
They will learn about the power and the inherent limitations of
algorithmic problem solving, and the prospects for achieving true
machine intelligence. Students will demonstrate their learning by
modelling complex real-world problems and designing intelligent
algorithms for solving them. The study introduces students to the
conceptual framework of computer science. It equips them with a
fundamental, rigorous framework of reasoning that complements
mathematics as an enabling discipline and prepares them to tackle
 challenging problems in science and society. This workshop will
be of interest to teachers who are considering teaching this new
VCE Study from 2015.

For more details including how to register, please visit:

Sponsored by Google Australia, and organised by Steven Bird
(Melbourne), Paula Christophersen (VCAA), and Bernd Meyer (Monash).
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