[Design and Technology] Raw score vs adjusted score

Lambert Dean LamD at jpc.vic.edu.au
Wed Dec 30 09:11:28 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a well deserved relaxing Xmas with family and friends...

I thought I would reach out to DATTA Vic and see if anyone else is disgruntled with the raw score vs the adjusted score? Some of my students marks were adjusted by 10 points which seems an incredible amount, more so than if the year had run as per normal!  I thought the whole point of staff completing the column for VCE disadvantaged marks for outcomes was to benefit the students and bump their marks up, not the opposite!

I have had students contact me feeling left upset and frustrated...

Anyway - my view of VCAA....

I want to wish you all a HNY!


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