[Design and Technology] Items for free (govt schools)

Maryann AUGUSTINUS MAUGUSTINUS at unihigh.vic.edu.au
Fri Aug 28 05:33:32 UTC 2020

Hi all
We are remodelling some rooms and have items to give away.
there is a metal lathe comes with a stand (lathe is not small) that is
about 20 yrs old but has been used only a handful of times. Note  it is 3
We have two metal tables. one has holes for stakes. roughly 1.3x1.3
(delivery can be arranged)
We also have pieces of the metalcraft tools. twisters etc. More details on
These are available now! Available to government schools only.

Email interest to  maugustinus at unihigh.vic.edu.au

Regards M Augustinus
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