[Design and Technology] Consideration of Educational Disadvantage - record keeping tool

Lorraine Tran tranlorraine at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 06:21:40 UTC 2020

Hi teachers

As you know, VCAA has introduced 'Consideration of Educational 
Disadvantage' for each VCE student this year. You can read about it at 
the link below on the VCAA website.


VCAA may well provide schools with more information or forms to fill in, 
but I thought that in the meantime, teachers may need to begin to keep 
their own records, such as dates of school closures etc. Note that this 
is a first draft and in no way an official document - just a way of 
helping you record circumstances, disruptions and impacts on students. 
Please feel free to make changes as needed.

Take care and stay safe,

Kind regards, Lorraine Tran.

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