[Design and Technology] News on VCE assessment

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Hi Laura

Here it is.

I would be interested in other schools views.  This is going to put considerable pressure, stress and complications on staff, students and parents.


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Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that there is a letter being sent to Principals today with the latest guidance from the DET on on-site assessments. As soon as we have it, we'll share it via our mailing list. Good luck everyone, L x

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Dear Maryann, thankyou for passing your message on to us.

Sometimes I think that I should have retired last year when I was going to after teaching - then Woodwork - DT -Materials and Technology - Technological Design and Development  and now Product Design and Technology for over 30 years,  but to use a C-19 phrase (were all in this together)  Its just a pity that the VCAA don't share the same in at least giving something to all the Passionate Design teachers we have and our  Teachers Association DATTA vic  who always support us.

Take care all


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Subject: [Design and Technology] Criteria 6-9


I spoke to the VCAA Design and Tech curriculum manager, Leanne Compton, in regards to the concerns you raised about VCE Product Design and she had some useful advice.

Firstly she wanted to reassure us that it's ok if students do not finish their products. SATs can be modified by only assessing the indicators under each of the criteria that don't involve/require prac. She gave the example for criteria 8, where teachers would assess students on indicator 2 only instead of 1,2 and 3.  VCAA trust that teachers will still be able to accurately rank their students so long as the school-based assessment is consistent.

VCAA will be sending out advice to teachers shortly and are also planning to set up some webinars. I'll let you know if I hear more details around this. One thing to note is that VCAA will not be making any further changes to U4.

Leanne also mentioned that some schools are asking their student to create physical prototypes out of cardboard. This could be something worth exploring for the woodwork students.  Have we investigated sending out sewing machines/resource packs to students? This, of course, would have to be done in a way that is equitable to all student in the cohort.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to support you.

I also encourage you to contact Leanne. She was really generous with her time on the phone and easy to get a hold of. Her number is: 03 9032 1698.

Warm regards,

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