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HI everyone, DATTA Vic still does not have clear guidance on this following our letter to the VCAA last Monday (http://datta.vic.edu.au/sites/default/files/DATTA%20Vic%20letter%20to%20VCAA%203rd%20Aug%202020.pdf)

I'm going to try again today - it looks like there is conflicting info on whether or not students are expected to do prac work in schools, or whether you need to deliver the rest of Unit 4 online. Sorry things are so clear, and thanks for the amazing job you are all doing at this difficult time. I hope your students are doing ok.  Laura X

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Note I am working from home Monday - Wednesday.

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Hi David and others,  it’s been eerily quiet, given that we haven’t heard much suggests it’s a big issue to solve and give direction, which it really is as it effects all of the subjects with a practical component affecting many subjects . All I’m hearing there is more to come yet re us.

My students are very disappointed that they will not be able to complete their projects that will be scored. It’s a shame as this year I had some real contenders for top designs and were on track to do well.

Were just pushing on to get the folios the best they can be with the resources available they have with much of it sent to me digitally. Taking out the practical criteria’s and the final evaluations we can only focus on the rest and push hard for the best they can achieve. Criteria 4 and 5 and the last part of 9

Hang in there all.

Thanks Rob

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Hi all -

Is anyone hearing any rumblings from the VCAA around modifications to practical components yet?  I know that in some of the 20 studies affected by practical Unit 4 content, it’s going to have a big impact.

>From the chats I’ve had with VCAA so far, and just in general updates from their publications, this is the advice:

“The examination dates provide sufficient time for teachers and students to complete adjusted VCE Unit 4 learning and school-based assessments, and to adequately prepare for the examinations. They also allow for VCE and VCAL students to receive their results and ATARs on 30 December as per the current schedule.”

Thoughts?  I feel like we have been given a lovely extra 2 weeks or so in Term 4, but our Unit 4 SAT (around 33% of their year mark) was predominantly unchanged barring the exceptions on conducting first person materials tests, and the vague direction that we could make a prototype instead (despite having no documentation of that being sufficient in the modified study design, and leaving aside that a prototype needs to use the same scale/equivalent processes but exchanging materials/technologies).

Anyone heard anything better, or more complete?

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