[Design and Technology] Year 12 moving forward

Craig Abernethy cabernethy at salesian.vic.edu.au
Sun Aug 2 22:15:14 UTC 2020

Hi all
If you intend coming into school during the stage 4 lockdown period to do practical work with year 12s. I hope you live 5km from your work and your students do as well? Otherwise big fines may apply.


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Hi Liz, it's hard to see how the coming weeks will plan out. Maybe yr 12 students doing prac subjects as ours will be allowed to go in for an afternoon once a week for production. Who knows at this stage. I know that most of my students don't have sewing machines etc at home so production will come to a halt. Just as we were getting in to it! So this week and next its writing up about tools and equipment, risk assessment tables and SAC no. 3. As for yr 11 .....................................
Cheers gabriella

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Hi All,

Those teaching Year 11 and 12 will no doubt be as depressed as I am with todays news. It took VCAA several weeks to come up with a solution to the last lockdown. Is anyone foreseeing what might happen with this scenario?
Mr Year 11's are also compromised as I did both Unit 1 and 2 folios first semester and presently working on Unit 2 production atm.
It's a nightmare. Poor kids, I feel for them all.

Take care,

Elizabeth Keep

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