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Thu Nov 22 01:12:30 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone

I hope all is well for you.

Recently we had a double challenge with Edulists:

1. Cloud migration that had to be changed ( twice ) to alternate providers, due to poor service from the host company (the server would be powered down without notice) 
2. Edumail accounts being automatically unsubscribed ( due to excessive delivery failures ) due to Edumail blocking Edulists email messages.

Both of these issues are now fixed with a reliable cloud host and Edumail accepting Edulists email messages again.

In the intervening period if you have been cut off from Edulists and not been receiving emails you can either:
1. Resubscribe through the normal link at www.edulists.com.au ( if already subscribed you will receive a message to that effect )
2. Email me directly if you have done all you can and still need help. I can add you manually to the required lists.
3. Call me on 0419 356 034 . I am always happy to help my fellow teachers.

Kind Regards

Kevork Krozian
tel 0419 356 034

November 22, 2018 9:36 AM, "Laura Murphy" <pl at datta.vic.edu.au (mailto:pl at datta.vic.edu.au?to=%22Laura%20Murphy%22%20<pl at datta.vic.edu.au>)> wrote:
	Mazenod College is inviting applications for an on-going, full-time Design & Technologies teacher for 2019. Visit our noticeboard for further details - http://www.datta.vic.edu.au/content/notice-board-0 (http://www.datta.vic.edu.au/content/notice-board-0?fbclid=IwAR3jJzQq9aT5qJfLMYRBFBDwofc9At4F-U9hHPpQmuFgvW-sxIb5AfoFEeI) 


	Laura Murphy 

	Executive Education Officer 


	Level 2 The Dream Factory 

	90 Maribyrnong Street 

	Footscray VIC 3011 

	Phone: 03 9349 5809 

	Email: pl at datta.vic.edu.au (mailto:pl at datta.vic.edu.au) 

	Web: www.datta.vic.edu.au (http://www.datta.vic.edu.au/)
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