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Oddly phrased. Has to be a typo...should read to 'ensure' and not 'evaluate' surely!

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> Thanks Lorraine,
> I found out via a friend not through this site.  Could teachers please read the evaluation criteria and explain to me what the third step requires as I just can’t work it out.
> When the previous study design was modified there was a document published that indicated where the changes were.  Has anyone found that document ?  Does it exist ?
> Evaluation criteria
> Throughout Units 1 to 4, students develop evaluation criteria from the design brief. These criteria are used to inform
> and justify the selected design option, and evaluate the success of the finished product in relation to solving the
> design problem for the end-user/s. Each criterion has four parts:
> • a question
> • justification and relevance to the design brief
> • the process used to evaluate the success of the product
> • how the finished product could be tested or checked.
> Thanks
> Robin
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> Subject: [Design and Technology] Study design for implementation in 2018
> Hi Product Design and Technology teachers
> Not sure if this has already been noted on this mailing list....
> The Product Design and Technology Study Design for implementation in 2018 (accreditation period 2018 - 2022) is now available on the VCAA website at
> http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/vce/studies/designtech/destechindex.aspx
> The link to the revised study design can be found at the bottom of the Product Design and Technology page.
> Apologies if you are already aware of the availability of this study design on the VCAA website.
> Regards, Lorraine Tran
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