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Design Matters to Victoria

The Victorian Government has launched the Design Matters public design program.

 design matters arrow logo <http://www.dbi.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/image/0005/517613/designmatters2.jpg>  <http://designpolicyandprograms.createsend5.com/t/r-l-otkdkut-gsmdrih-t/> Design Matters will celebrate and promote good design in Victoria, emphasising the importance of business use of design and the corresponding economic and community benefits.

 <http://designpolicyandprograms.createsend5.com/t/r-l-otkdkut-gsmdrih-k/> Design Matters will also increase Victoria’s national and international profile in design-led thinking.

Get Involved

Commencing at the end of this month, and continuing throughout the year, a series of public and business events will be delivered under the Design Matters brand.

To learn more about why design matters to Victoria and see how you can participate, please pick up your copy of The Age today.


Kicking off the Design Matters program is its flagship event,  <http://designpolicyandprograms.createsend5.com/t/r-l-otkdkut-gsmdrih-u/> agIdeas International Design Week.


agIdeas International Design Week


 agIdeas International Design Week <http://www.dbi.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/image/0007/517615/agIdeas-2013.jpg> agIdeas have scoured the globe to find 40 of the world's current leading thinkers in design. agIdeas 2013 brings the best that the world has to offer to Melbourne for three days of inspiration held from 1 May to 3 May 2013

Whether you operate in a specific design field or have a multi-faceted practice that draws holistically from many different fields, the speakers will bring you an insight into their practice that will inform your own work for years to come.

Plus, you'll be surrounded by hundreds of designers from Australia and overseas. They are all coming to agIdeas 2013 for the same reasons you will -  to learn, be inspired and to connect with the rest of the design community.

To see the full line up or to book your tickets, visit  <http://designpolicyandprograms.createsend5.com/t/r-l-otkdkut-gsmdrih-o/> www.agideas.net



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  <http://www.dbi.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/image/0009/517626/vicgovlogo.jpg> Visit the Design Industry pages on Business Victoria <http://designpolicyandprograms.createsend5.com/t/r-l-otkdkut-gsmdrih-n/>  for more information on updated news, useful resources and events.


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