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I teach Textiles at Sthelena Sec College which is not too far away from Hurstbridge, would be happy to help. Let me if you still need to place this student teacher.
Connie Youdan

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Hi Mike,

Sorry we cannot help at Huntingtower with a placement for your textiles
student teacher.  We do not run a textiles program.

I have recently retired from Huntingtower after 29 years, and am enjoying
some world travels, although still remaining active with DATTA.Vic.

On the subject of destech mailing list, could you please remove your old
address (at Ballarat) from the lists, as your emails always bounce back !!

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David Fletcher

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Student teacher placement

As you probably know it is getting really difficult for universities to find
placements for all their student teachers. We currently have a technology
teacher (textiles) who lives in hurstbridge who is in need of an immediate
placement.  If you are interested or able to assist in any way, could you
send me an email directly, my email is m.brown at latrobe.edu.au Thanks Regards
Mike brown

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