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Hi David,


Walking through the magazine aisle in Coles last night, I bought a copy of a magazine currently out called, ‘Techlife Australia’.  They have a big section on buying 3D printers…and they also have a CD with software for printing..




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Hello everyone,

We have the budget to purchase an "Up" 3D printer but with a bit of a change of priorities we could possibly move on to the next model up from Intellecta, the Replicator 2, which is about $700 more ($2640).

The Replicator 2 is larger (is that an advantage or disadvantage) and uses PLA plastic as opposed to ABS.  PLA is suppose to be less prone to warping. It also melts at a lower temperature so cold morning starts should be less of a problem.

I have heard only good things about the Up.  Does anyone have any experience with the Replicator model?

Do you think being larger will be a good thing or a bad thing? 


David Jackson

Head Teacher - Industrial Arts

Turramurra HS


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