[Design and Technology] Unit 1 & 2 ideas.

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Hi David

A lot of teachers choose the one product to be re-designed for the whole
class first time round teaching Unit 1 rather than have every student
choose their own. You can always allow those students who you know to be
super keen to decide on their own. Or you give them a deadline to decide
and then its the .... dreaded .... board game (or your new alternative).

The DATTA Vic Support Material will be in print around the December
conference and should be quite useful for you as well as Mark's resources.
You will be able to order it over the phone through DATTA.

regards, Jacinta O'Leary

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 12:54 PM, Grech, Mark A <
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>  Hi David
> I ran a session last year at the DATTA conference on approaches for unit
> 2. But also have  plenty of resources you might find useful if you would
> like a copy I could send you a CD and then talk you through what has worked
> for me. Which you could then modify to suit your needs and circumstances.
> Please feel free to ring me at school on 57230500.
> Regards
> Mark Grech
> Product design & technology teacher
> Wangaratta High School
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> Greetings all,
>  I'm a new-ish teacher and new at my current school this year.  I'm
> currently teaching mostly Materials technology 7-10, with a strong focus on
> wood.
>  Now, next year I'm about to begin teaching VCE Product Design and
> Technology - starting with a Year 11 group and taking them up to Year 12.
>  I've not taught the study before, and there has not been a class at VCE
> level in the Technology subjects for a while.  There's little course
> material, and what there is is very out of date.
>  B*asically, I'd like to ask if anyone would mind offering advice or
> suggestions about the product re-design and team project tasks* - what
> you have the students focus on, tasks or topics that are good/engaging and
> so on!  I have too many ideas, and would like some ideas about tasks/topics
> that *work*.  The students and myself have a focus on wood technology, so
> advice down that route much appreciated!
>  As an idea, the only course document that exists here about Unit 1 and 2
> led the students through redesigning a board game....
>  Thanks in advance!
>  David Pitt
> Camberwell High School
> pi at camhigh.vic.edu.au
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