[Design and Technology] Unit 1 & 2 ideas.

Pitt, David pi at camhigh.vic.edu.au
Wed Oct 31 12:41:43 EST 2012

Greetings all,

I'm a new-ish teacher and new at my current school this year.  I'm currently teaching mostly Materials technology 7-10, with a strong focus on wood.

Now, next year I'm about to begin teaching VCE Product Design and Technology - starting with a Year 11 group and taking them up to Year 12.  I've not taught the study before, and there has not been a class at VCE level in the Technology subjects for a while.  There's little course material, and what there is is very out of date.

Basically, I'd like to ask if anyone would mind offering advice or suggestions about the product re-design and team project tasks - what you have the students focus on, tasks or topics that are good/engaging and so on!  I have too many ideas, and would like some ideas about tasks/topics that work.  The students and myself have a focus on wood technology, so advice down that route much appreciated!

As an idea, the only course document that exists here about Unit 1 and 2 led the students through redesigning a board game....

Thanks in advance!

David Pitt
Camberwell High School
pi at camhigh.vic.edu.au

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