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Thanks for this information Lorraine, very helpful.


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Subject: [Design and Technology] FAQs (and answers) - SAT

Dear colleague

I have received questions from teachers over the last couple of days and thought it would be useful to distribute responses via this mailing list.

1.       Now that I have marked the SAT, should I give students their score?

Response: It is highly recommended that teachers provide qualitative feedback to students about their SAT. As is the case for coursework, initial marks from teachers may change following statistical moderation. (Please see the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2012, pages 116 - 117.) Providing a 'conditional' grade range(for example A to A+) rather that a score would be preferable if it is seen to be necessary to give students some indication of their level of performance in the SAT. As these grade distributions are not published on the SAT assessment sheets this year, please refer to the tables below, from 2011. Note: Teachers should check whether their school has a policy about the release of scores to students.

2.       One of the criteria for the selection of work for Top Designs is that the SAT has achieved an 'A' or 'A+'.  How do I know if my student got an 'A' or an 'A+' because the grade distributions are not published on the 2012 SAT assessment sheets.

Response: It is advised to use last year's grade distributions. Because Product Design and Technology is now marked out of 45 (rather than 50 in 2011 for Design and Technology), please refer to the Food and Technology grade distributions as a guide, because the Food and Technology SAT also has 9 criteria and a maximum score of 45.

2011 Grade distributions for the School-assessed Task

VCE study














Food and Technology

0 - 6

7 - 11

12 - 14

15 - 17

18 - 20

21 - 23

24 - 26

27 - 29

30 - 32

33 - 37

38 - 45

Max 45
(Has 9 criterion each with a possible score of 5)

Systems Engineering

0 - 6

7 - 9

10 - 12

13 - 15

16 - 18

19 - 21

22 - 24

25 - 27

28 - 30

31 - 34

35 - 40

Max 40
(has 8 criterion, each with a possible score of 5)

Source: http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/vce/statistics/2011/statssect3.aspx

3.       When can students take their SAT work home?

The earliest date by which School-assessed Tasks can be returned to students is Friday 30 November. Schools should have a formal release process and a document that students sign on taking their work from the school premises for purposes such as an interview. Please note that the VCAA reserves the right to recall any work from a student should the need arise.

Source: VCAA Bulletin, February 2012 Supplement 1, 2012 Administrative advice for school-based assessment (page 5) http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/correspondence/bulletins/2012/bulletin2012.aspx

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Regards, Lorraine.

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