[Design and Technology] Students interested in Industrial Design Bachelor Degree at UWS Penrith

Chris Nash C.Nash at uws.edu.au
Thu Dec 13 15:23:41 EST 2012

Dear All,

University of Western Sydney are enquiring if any of your students would be interested in applying to a degree in Industrial Design or Design Technology , if so could you forward my name onto students.


Chris  Nash

B.Des. Ind. Des(Hon)
Academic Course Adviser Industrial Design and Design Technology
3D Modelling, Rapid Prototyping & Industrial Graphics
Room XB 3.33
School of Computing,Engineering and Maths
University of Western Sydney
Locked Bag 1797, Penrith South DC NSW 1797, Australia
T:  +61 2 47360960
F:  +61 2 47360833
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