[Design and Technology] Newson and megafactories

Maryann AUGUSTINUS MAUGUSTINUS at unihigh.vic.edu.au
Sat Aug 11 14:48:14 EST 2012

Interesting article on Marc Newson in saturdays age G W. Interesting quote too" does he concern himself with sustainability? Yeah but for me sustainability is about dealing with disposability; rather than thinking about producing Bic razors in the most recyclable material. Its better to design something that lasts, things that have value, that you can form an emotional bond with and pass on to your children".

Megafactories is on free to air at the moment (wednesdays channel one) so those of you with clickview take note! Megafactories ikea was on last wednesday the 8th .

Cheers Maryann Augustinus the university high school
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