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Vienna: Art & Design exhibition


I encourage all D&T teachers to go to this fantastic exhibition at the Victorian National Gallery.  I went to the best PD I have been to in years today at the Gallery - and if it is run again every D&T teacher out there should rush to get in.  We had a fantastic informative talk about the turn of the century (1900) design and art work in Vienna and Germany, viewed the exhibition (had a fabulous lunch that was an art piece in itself) and then a tour of the permanent chair collection.  


There are a couple of classic chairs in the Vienna exhibition that I never thought I would be lucky enough to see in Australia, the silver ware is stunning, the patterned wall paper designs gorgeous and of course the Klimt's are breath takingly beautiful.  From there go on to the either the special exhibition on men's fashion (Man style) or the permanent chair collection and marvel again at those classics - the "Globe", "Up" or the beautiful shape of that cantilevered Panton - Peacock or S chair.  


With the new study design - Product Design and Technology being introduced next year it is perfect timing to take year 11s to this exhibition -  being able to understand and research a period in history that interests them or inspires their designs will be critical next year.  Textiles students generally do this well but Wood/metal students . not so well.  Give your year 11's a head start for 2012 and take them but most of all give yourselves a treat and go to this fabulous exhibition.


Robin Panousieris

Assumption College Kilmore  



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