[Design and Technology] Year 12 D&T Exam Revision session at Assumption College Kilmore

Panousieris panousieris at bigpond.com.au
Fri Aug 20 21:46:52 EST 2010

Year 12 D&T Exam revision session will be offered to all yr 12 D&T students
and interested teachers.  

To be held at Assumption College Kilmore on Wednesday October 13th from 4.15
- 6.00pm.  Cost $15.  

Robin Panousieris will be running the session (that's me).

The reason for doing this is that many kids miss out on easy marks in the
exam because they live in the country and find it hard to get to a session
like this.  This exam revision is close to the exam, close enough to focus
them and brings a range of kids together, outside their normal school
environment.  Within school they figure they know it all and won't listen to
their teacher.  Put them in a beautiful theatrette with someone they don't
know and it all changes.  

My credentials are: I have marked yr 12 D&T exams for the past 4 years;
written the Insight Exam for the past 3 years (love it or hate it); write
the exam revision articles for the Herald Sun and I am on the VCAA Course
Review Committee for the D&T.  

Above all I want kids to do well in the exam and this is one way that I can
help.  Let me know if you or your students are interested. VLine trains stop
at the Kilmore East station and a bus will take you into Kilmore central.  

Robin Panousieris, Assumption College Kilmore. 

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