[Design and Technology] required OH&S training for D&T by Dec 2009

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Many thanks to David Fletcher for raising this very important OH&S
requirement for all Design and Technology (Wood/metal) teachers.  


In 2008 I worked in the state system and am now in the Catholic system.  I
was aware of the "suggested" required OH&S training for use of machinery in
late 2008 - now I am meant to have done a substantial number of hours of
OH&S PD by Dec. 2009 - well once again the Dept. of Ed. (OH&S staff) have
failed to keep Design and Technology teachers fully informed and best of all
have contracted out the PD to TAFEs to make money rather than provide it for
a reasonable rate and at reasonable times during the day.  No doubt D&T
teachers will have to fit the time in after a full day at work.  


I guess the Dept of Education has heaps of Design and Technology teachers
and hence over working them will just sort out the lazy ones who won't (but
realistically can't) do the training in time.  This could mean that these
teachers won't be qualified and will be sacked or worse - an accident
happens, teacher doesn't have "the book" to prove they can use the machinery
safely and they are taken to court - that's a good trick because that gets
rid of all those excess D&T teachers around the state.  


In the end it is all about inadequate tertiary training for Design and
Technology teachers in the first place - too much theory but virtually no
experience provided for the safe use of machinery (Ballarat Uni. I
understand is the exception to the rule) - so now we all suffer.  


Below is an extract from the Dept. website 


"Teachers are required to pass the prescribed competency test in the safe
use of machinery before December 2009. The competency test applies to each
item of plant and machinery where student supervision is required and to
those items of plant detailed on the Safe Use Test List (See below). The
competency test is current for five years. Teachers receive a 'pass-book'
describing the machinery for which they have competency in supervising safe
use. A corresponding record of the teacher's machine use competencies should
be held in the teacher's personnel record for at

least seven years".


Robin Panousieris Assumption College Kilmore


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To all Design & Technology Teachers


and Systems Techology Teachers






Following the recent  meeting with Regional OH&S Advisers, and TAFE

Providers of the Course for Safe Use of Machinery in Technology, the

Department has requested that DATTA.Vic encourage our members to visit the

new DEECD website OH&S resource section.






And http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hr/ohs/hazards/techtemps.htm






These contain the latest information on:




(1)     Use of "Safer" and "Restricted" Tools and Machinery;


(2)     Hazard identification and Safe Operating Procedure documents for

wood and metal machinery;


(3)     Required participation for government schools Technology teachers in

the Safe Use of Machinery for Technology Teaching courses.


(4)     Latest amendments to the School Reference Guide Section


(5)     Managing Technology Risks (Wood and Metal)


(6)     Risk assessment of workshop environment and machinery.






And http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hr/ohs/hazards/techtemps.htm












TEL: 9637 2385


FAX: 9637 2300














150 Palmerston St, Carlton.








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