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Sandra Boyd marketing at designacademy.edu.au
Wed Jul 2 14:48:34 EST 2008

The Australian Academy of Design and Connex congratulate
the finalists in the 2008 Academy Poster Prize Competition.

FINALISTS ­ schools category
·     Samantha Auty of Shelford Girls Grammar,
·     Deniz Demir of Brunswick Secondary College, Yr 11
·     Michael Deurwaarder of Eltham High, Yr 12
·     Caill Dunstan of Melbourne Grammar School, Yr 10
·     Sophie Ereglidis of Cheltenham Secondary, Yr 11
·     Virginia Hau of Camberwell Girls' Grammar School, Yr 12
·     Matilda Innes of Geelong Grammar, Yr 12
·     Adam Kollwitz of Knox School, Yr 11
·     Chelsea Rouse of Bayside Secondary, VET
·     Gus Young of Melbourne Grammar School, Yr 10

Exhibition open 9 ­ 26 July
220 Ingles St, Port Melbourne
9am-5pm Mon-Fri
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