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We have 16 students following Unit 2. We have set projects that will help the department ie display units, different aspects of storage. The students work in groups of 3. they are not overly happy with this unit, they would prefer to work on something individual for themselves. 
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Hello to all.

I'd be interested to hear feedback in regard to success or otherwise with
the student design team work in Unit 2. Unfortunately I am at a small
school and my clientel, nine of them, are not all terribly motivated to
achieve in Design and Technology. In fact, out if the nine only one kid is
genuinly interested in the subject. I've put them in 3 teams; in one team
none of them wish to achieve; they are kept at school by their family
against their wishes. Team 2 has medium capacity, they'll do their work if
I insist hard enough and some of it is not too bad. Team 3; one kid wants
to achieve, one kid couldn't care less and the other just wants to pass
but is capable. The guy who wants to achieve feels he is being held back
by the rest of his team who can't get their act together. I advised him to
get into production independendly and that I may have to give him extra
credit considering he has done most of the work in his team. Are other
teachers/schools experiencing these sort of difficulties?

(Not to mention that this class runs in conjunction with a small (2
students) piggy back year 12 U3/4 class.)

Feed back appreciated.

Frank Burgers
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